Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Quick and random.

So, Ambs reminded my that my blog's birthday is coming up soon. Perhaps... celebrations?

Or perhaps I'll totally forget about it. Both are possible.

Oh, shirt, I've gotsta get ready to go see Amber. It's a fortnight away! I've got to hurredly turn myself into a charming and intelligent and thoroughly worth-putting-up-with sort of person! Also, should get off my ass about getting her Christmas gift. Eh... in time. In time.

Had a loverly dinner date with Deb, during which she revealed that her mother is a real, honest-to-gosh librarian at a real, honest-to-gosh library. Life begins to bode well for me.

Clearly, I can't keep one thought in my head for more than two sentances. Sorry, folken. Some other time.


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