Monday, January 01, 2007

Let's us get this new year off right!

And the most logical way to do this is to miss the last update of last year, innit?

Yeah, bash me later. Now is the time for me to talk. And talk I shall! Used to be, I didn't care much for this whole 'New Year' business. Yeah, it marks a point where I have to painfully re-learn how to date checks and papers, but beyond that, beyond the merely beurocratic aspects of the date, what was the point? It seemed a whole lot of hype to merely point out that time had continued moving forward. In retrospect, there's no doubt in my mind that the 'Milennium Fever' business was behind my apathy... I have a tendancy to hate things that other people like.

But time passes, and I realized that I was misunderstanding this whole business... New Year's doesn't have any inherent meaning; some people assume it does (and I rather think most people assume lots of things have inherent meaning that they do not, though that is neither here nor there). Think about it like leveling up, where every new number has a noticable effect, and it all falls apart. It is, instead, a moment of time, like all the others, when one stops and looks at one's life, asks how the spectrum of life is going and makes plans for where it shall go. There's nothing special about the date, it could just as easily happen on September twentienth or February third. January first is just... you know... more tidy.

So shall we look at the year past and the year to come?

Yes we shall. Tomorrow. I want one more day to be a lump devoid of self-knowledge.


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