Friday, December 08, 2006

And because the universe thrives on ironic counterpoints, today was so ridiculously awesome that I don't have TIME to talk about how ridiculously awesome it was! I owe you people a lengthy discussion about English Department parties. Lengthy and filled with exclamation points and the verbal equivilant of candy. But I can't do it now, because it's time to become an Guitar Hero, and I can't possibly miss out on all that. And there were other awesome things too! Today is a day that featured, on the one end, my helping someone I care about through a difficult time, and on the other end, pretending to be a zombie pickpocket. Two very different schools of happy, among a day filled with such! But I can't talk about it now! DON'T LET ME NOT FOLLOW UP ON THIS!


Blogger Ford Dent said...

Zombie pickpocket?

That sounds amazing.

12/09/2006 4:45 AM  

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