Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Part 3?

... at this point, it will be noted that I have no idea how many parts the Grand Redesign is supposed to have. But hey, it's done for today, and there are no pages that say "Coming Soon" so I can be proud.

Furthermore. The book got here today. I am... psyched beyond all reason. Dude. It's a BOOK that I WROTE. It has my NAME on it. The part of my life where I hadn't written a book yet is OVER. And it looks DAMN GOOD if I DO SAY SO MYSELf.

...er, MYSelf. mYseLf. my- aw, aw dammit. my shift key has given out. from excitement, you see.

which really throws a damper into my plans for the rest of the day, as i totally can't exclaim or inquire, which are my two favorite activities in the world. those, and cursing like a comic character. dammit [insert exclamation point].


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