Thursday, January 26, 2006

I am thinking...

I am thinking that it may be time to 'pony up' as it were, and purchase an ISBN number for the book.

It is not an insignificant transaction, at 35 dollars or so, but it would result in a book that is In Print, as opposed to Being Printed. It would be recognized as an extant book by major suppliers. Or to put it otherwise, instead one only being able to purchase 'Mad Jack' at Lulu, one could, if one wanted, amble down to their nearest bookstore and ask if they had a copy in print. When they revealed that no, they didn't, but would you like us to order it for you?, you could say "Yes," and they would order a copy. Or possibly two, if they sense that they are at the epicenter of an upcoming literary revolution.

Thinking like that, perhaps $34.95 isn't that big a price. Given that it has already netted me $11.79, which is enough that the government will consider this a taxable income source, this dingus might even pay for itself.

What does this mean for you, then? Well... it means that the first-edition, non-ISBN coded copy is a limited run... Collector's Item!

My recommendation, buy a copy right now. Maybe even two. You'll thank me when I'm famous.


Anonymous Ford Dent said...

Yeah, I should probably make my move while there's still time.

1/27/2006 4:22 PM  

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