Friday, January 16, 2004

State Street Barbers

Things my barber said to me whilst I was getting a haircut and a shave:
  • "Wow, your hair is straight!"
  • "You know you had a scar on your neck before, right? I didn't do that. It was already there."
  • "Oh, do you want some coffee or tea?"
  • "Your hair just goes any which way it wants."
  • "Have you ever had a hot lather shave before? ...No? ...You know it costs $100 right? Hey, calm down I'm just kidding!"
  • "I'm gonna use a brand new razor on you."
  • "Your hair is something else, alright. Hey! (To another barber) Aren't you glad you aren't cutting this hair!"
  • "Lay back, and don't smile. Or twitch."
  • "Oh! Oh! Uh... that'll heal."
  • "There you go, smooth as a baby's ass."
  • "You know, your hair is a barber's nightmare. Really."
Yeah, I got a little tiny nick and a lot of flack about my thick, straight, unwieldy hair (I blame you Mom!), but it was a very nice haircut, and an actual hot lather, straight-razor shave, which I didn't think anyone did anymore. Also, reasonable price, and free coffee and tea. Lovely atmosphere as well, everything set up to look like the canonical old-fashioned barbershop you don't even see on TV anymore, really. I'd recommend it to anyone in the Chicago area, though you should hurry up about it, because when I went in the place was empty, and I really don't want to see this place go under. Of course, I'm no haircut expert. I've had four haircuts in the past four years: SuperCuts; Vidal Sassoon; Anthony, a guy who lives in my dorm; and this place. It's amazing how eclectic I can be in such a narrow field.


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