Wednesday, January 14, 2004

It's predominantly green.

So, I redesigned things just a little. I expect the colors may change slightly in hue and tint, but things will generally stay as they are for the foreseeable future. You like? I like. Green is nice. Maybe, maybe just a little too pastel... but than again maybe not. Long as I'm not getting death threats I'll consider this a success. Of course, now that I have the form all worked out, people are going to expect me to go after the function. Unlikely. None of that for me, I'm just here for the rambling. Although I did deign to put in the 'Fire Escape' button on the sidebar, the clicking of which will open a window or go to a web site (depending on how you've set up your cookies) to make the passers-by passing by think you're doing some sort of work. Now you can read my weblog at work, without fear of repurcussion. Go ahead, stick it to the Man in the most insignificant way possible! Vive la révolution!


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