Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Canadian accent or sensible footwear?

A Boot

"Wait, wait... what is Ed's Olde Tyme Array of Frabtabulous Amazery?"

Why, son, Ed's Old Tyme Array of Frabtabulous Amazery is an old-fashioned hullaballo of a rallicking good time! It's a rootin' tootin' shebangle, and a gleeful gleerpum all rolled into one!

"... I know for a fact that you just made up one of those words, and I'm very suspicious of the rest."

Well, then, let me put it this way. This is a place for comedy. No, not just comedy... komedy. Perhaps even... qomedy.


All right, all right. What you see in front of you is first and foremost, a personal weblog, of as the kids like to call it, a BLAUGH. There are other bits and bobs, and bots in bibs, and you'll stumble across them on your own time. This is, basically, the Internet presence of Ed, who you make have heard of but probably haven't. You found your way here, somehow, now the time has come to move on, past the introductions and on to the comedy proper. Explore at your leisure, provided you pronounce leisure 'leh-zher'.

"Oh... 'kay..."



Oh, and hey, just in case you care about this sort of thing, there is an e-mail address for purposes of contact. Cthulhu is doing his part to ward off spammity types.

EdEdEd at GMail dot com

There also is an AIM account, should you wish to... you know... use it. Remember, talk to the world's most dangerous dinosaur: Murdersaurus.