Wednesday, December 31, 2003

A link to the past?

"When the heck are we? Not the present, that much is for sure. For rootin' tootin' sure!"

Well spotted my little literary device! You've stumbled across something downright wondrous... STABILITY!

"... eh?"

For there's nothing as pure and unchanging as the past!

"That's not entirely true, actually. History is constantly being analyzed and reinterpreted; just because you can't change what happened doesn't mean you can't change what it means."


"I'm just saying--"

"It's the archive, jerk. The pull-down menu dinguses up there let you select the month to explore, and allow you to pick a particular title from that month. And just below us is...

The Morgue

...where old projects go to die.

"Ah. Because they sucked?"

Goodness no! Not on your life! They were simply... er...


I was going to say 'unsustainable'.

"Same difference."

Anyway. time for an unordered list.

  • R. E. V. I. E. W. S.
    Robots Estimate Various Items' Excellence and Worthiness for Solicitation. Reviews of various anythings, with a silicate conceit.
  • Cinemanautotentatiology
    Arguably the most specifically focused movie review site you'll ever come across; a mildly diverting, er, diversion, created over a sleepless weekend in a fit of crazy.