Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Okay. Explanation for yesterday's failure to update: I was sleepy.

Seriously, I was in bed by eight. To be fair, I didn't sleep at all the night before. And when I say I didn't sleep at all, I don't mean four hours of tossing and turning, I mean I did not so much as lie on my bed with my eyes closed. I was up until 9 in the morning writing a stupid paper that I didn't even need to have done until Wednesday, as it turns out (although I suppose there's no harm in having it mostly done so early). Eight truly boring pages about Frankenstein.

Also I, uh, was hanging out with the cute waitress between about 2 and 5. That clamped my productivity somewhat. I regret nothing.

And whammo, yesterday was the last day of classes. In one week, the penultimate college semester will be OVER. I am looking forward to it with excitement and dread, mixed.


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