Thursday, December 14, 2006


So, Dan got a mysterious voice mail today. A mumble-mouthed man with a southern accent asked him when they could next "chat". So, tack a creepy on to that mysterious. No name, no explanation, just mystery. Luckily, we live in the Age of the Internet, so he, Paul and I got our Holmes on, hardcore, and looked stuff up on Google.

A mystery that plagued us throughout dinner was solved in a half hour, thanks to the Goog, as I call it. We plugged in the number that called him, which got us a name and a state from the phone book. The state, Texas, explaining the accent. A search on that name netted us an oil company in Texas, for which he is a Vice President. Now, Dan is neither from Texas, nor in the business of purchasing vast amounts of oil. But there are OTHER Daniellae out there, sharing his last name as well, who do love oil with a fierce passion, unheard of outside of Texas.

Wrong number! Mystery solved! YAAAY!


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