Friday, April 02, 2004

Busy busy busy.

Okay, I try not to make this some sort of LiveJournal wannabe, rambling nonsense about my insignificant life to the uncaring expanse of infinity that is the internet-at-large. But. I'm excited. This boy's got a play going up! I wrote it! I directed it! It's been an exhilaratingly rushed experience. Hell, I still haven't cast one of the parts, but I have seven hours to do it. Don't worry. It's a subtitle: She only has to walk across the stage carrying a sign. A trained monkey could do it. Actually... be right back!
Right, nevermind. I'll get a human. But still! Man oh man! My words! Up on stage! I'm getting verklempt with joy! Of course, this being the first ever one-act festival, I have no idea what's going to be happening there, if I get a chance to introduce the old play to the audience-at-large (distant cousin to the internet-at-large) so I'm gonna prepare my 'Thank You' speech now. If you don't care-- and let's face it, if you aren't my mother, you don't care-- you'll probably want to skip the rest of this and go back to Little Fluffy Industries, because I know that's where you've been since I posted it last week.

I would like to thank first and foremost, that guy... Ed. Me, whose brilliant writing made directing a breeze, and whose brilliant direction makes my writing look good. Also, the costumes and props. And the cast. I hear they're important to the theatrical experience. And of course, as I forewarned, my mother. Thanks Ma!


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