Thursday, February 26, 2004


Now, I'm neither a handyman nor a handy man. I do have hands, and if you're willing to stretch the definition far enough, I suppose I am a man, but no Mister Fixit am I. And yet: set building! A-yep, for that play I'm in. I was planning to go see 'Shaun of the Dead', but I got the call from the stage manager, and opted to spend six hours moving flats instead. Why? Good question! Won't be answered.

So if you're looking for something insightful or inciteful, I'd suggest moving elsewhere. If you want to know why the Players hate the Speech Department and vice versa; well, now's your chance. See, Iona College's Doorley Auditorium suffers from a severe lack of resources. Seriously, not just in terms of tools (although one drill and no power saw is pretty severe), but more importantly, in terms of wood. Okay, here's the deal for those out of the loop: every semester there are two plays: one by the Players, which is to say us, and one by the Speech Department, which is to say, Rod Nash. Each play requires a set, each set requires wood, and the quickest and simplest way to get the wood is by demolishing the previous set. Rare is the set-piece that stays together over the course of multiple shows. Thus, the backbone of the discord: neither side particularly likes the other screwing with their nice sets! There was a lot of work going on: I was carrying, drilling, fastening, searching the woodpile, and other folks were screwing stuff in on precarious ladders (I, wearing my kilt today, was not allowed to go up the ladder). A lot of work, and I won't be

hi this is meg. i am interrupting. hah!

... I'm going to keep that in, because Meg would hurt me if I didn't. Anyway: the basic problem is that Doorley is like Niven and Pournelle's Motie civilization, there are no more natural resources to cull, so to make something new, one has to take something apart. Of course, neither side likes having its hard work torn down, and turned into something completely different. The new piece is seen as ruining the old (which, I'll admit, it sometimes it). Thus, years of animosity between Nash and the Players. Basic grudge match.

Of course, remember I'm basing this on nothing, but at 11:30, when you've been moving fake walls all day, it's simply genius. Also, let's not forget that Nash is utterly and completely insane. That can't help.


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