Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Updates a-plenty!

Well, it's official. Snow day tomorrow! No school! No pending plans! No snow! At least, no snow as a Chicagoan like myself would be liable to fear. Out here they close schools for next to nothing! So... what can I do to maximize my extra day's fun potential? And what can I do to make up for the collegiate lifestyle's necessitating a drop in my already lax work on this weblog? Well, I got an idea a few moments ago, worth sharing.

"Think!" I thought, "Think and think again! What can provide a quantity of material, and will be present even when I am without any inspiration or energy? What can I dredge up from the internet with astonishing regularity, and yet share without feeling like it's been seen everywhere before? Oh! Oh I know! Personality tests! Brilliant! Great idea! Thank you! Wait, who am I talking to? Me, of course. Oh, okay."

So there you have it. I present to you the Partially Pathetic Personality Project, featuring one new personality test every hour, for all twenty-four hours in my day off! Will I stick to schedule? Maybe! It's like a mystery only you can solve? And you find out barely relevant things about me! Hopefully with dumb little graphics! Why not! First one should be in five minutes, give or take. 'Till then!


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