Sunday, January 25, 2004

Shopping spree!

Quick! Go to theUnclaimed Baggage Center! Now! It's a store, where one can purchase items that were left on airplanes, and never reported missing by their owners. What can you find? Clothes, cameras, a lot of books, and, for a limited time, a didgeridoo. Yes. A didgeridoo. Only one in stock, so it won't be there too long, but man! A didgeridoo! This raises two very important questions...

One: Who brings a didgeridoo onto an airplane? Aborigines don't ride airplanes. Few people play the didgeridoo professionally, a shame really. None of the classic operas have didgeridoo parts. I blame racism. The point being, didgeridoos rarely need to be moved via air. Very very rarely.

Two: Having established how unusual it is to bring a didgeridoo onto an airplane, who, have taken a didgeridoo, will forget the didgeridoo? If you care so much about you didgeridoo, how can you leave it behind? How? How? Did you get sudden and unexpected amnesia? What madness is this, where didgeridoos are left all willy-nilly behind?

In conclution: Didgeridoo is a funny word. A funny, funny word.


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