Wednesday, January 23, 2008


For serious, I'm half tempted to totally write today's post off. Especially because today wasn't great shakes compared to yesterday... I was dehydrated and grumpy. I mean, I had a really deeeeeeeelightful hamburger, but on the grand scale of things, yesterday is still winning the living crap out of my life. So, um. There. Just read yesterday's again.

Okay, fine, I won't leave it at that. I'm still feeling vaguely writery, even though I've been slightly lax vis the actual writing the last few days. So, lord help me, I think I'm going to start ripping off Aaron wholesale and forcing myself to write One Creative Thing Per Day. Starting tomorrow. Because if I let myself, I'll be a lazy bum. So I can;t let myself.


Blogger Aaron Poppleton said...

The important thing (if you are indeed going to be a madman and go through with this) is to throw away any expectations of anything good coming from this. Sure, you'll get a bit of creative writing, but some days you're going to force it and it is going to suck such enormous quantities of ass you'll think it was written by a fifth grader.

But take heart! You'll also occasionally turn out some incredibly cool stuff! And that's what makes the whole nonsensical business worthwhile, because that's the stuff you send to publishers of magazines and/or anthologies to reject!

1/23/2008 7:51 AM  

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