Saturday, October 20, 2007

Handle panning redux.

Today was a DAY. The sort of day where it'll be quicker to write up the things that went right than the things that went wrong. Oy-yah, man, oy-yah.

One of the things that went right, then, is what I alluded to in my previous post: this party. Chris Baty, the NaNoWriMo dude, sent out an invitation inviting big charity spenders to the Night of Writing Dangerously... a massive author's-only gala in San Fransisco, November 17th. And when I say gala, I mean a free food-and-drink, hundreds of people, complementary sack of goodies, and everyone is entered into a raffle for additional goodies-style GALA. For serious. If I went, I'd totally wear my tux. And I'd probably FIT IN.

So, the price tag for this event is $200, donated to a charitable cause. And while I'm a dude who has a little money to throw around, anything past, say, fifty dollars is madness of the highest order. Fortunately, Baty and the other dudes at the Office of Letters and Light totally understands this, and thus... the donation page. It was his idea, not mine, but I'm totally running with it. Now, I ain't gonna guilt you in to this thing: while it IS all going to a good cause (promoting literacy around the world!), this is basically an open call for you folks to drop a fiver to send me to a hip, happenin' party. If you so desire, of course.


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