Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Muerte, muerte, muerte...

Note to self: look at the calendar every day. KNOW WHAT GODDAMN DAY IT IS, EVERY DAY. Forgetting birthdays is not cool... forgetting them when you know when they are but not what freakin' day it is is embarrassing AND not cool.

Meanwhile, I am feeling sleepy and unmotivated. Which I know to be directly related to the Big Project ahead of me that I must still do things for, along with the myriad other stresses I got going on (mostly work related, although the week of hell is over and the payroll information turned in (which I must admit, made it all seem quite worthwhile in retrospect)).

Oh, the title? Well, I lack a "current mood" icon, and the state of my psyche is like unto a parasite-infected cultist a-shambling. Or summat.


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