Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Not that you care...

Okay. Most people I know are utterly uninterested in Star Trek, and of those who do watch it, the bulk have long since eschewed the... questionable quality of 'Enterprise'. So this basically leaves me as the only person I know who cares about the outcome of this particular season, but the ending was so... damnably odd that I simply must comment upon it.

I will spare you the details of the season-long story arc, but sufficing to say, the ship went on a very dangerous mission to destroy a world-destroying weapon that was to be turned on Earth. Over the course of the episode, the weapon explodes near Earth... with Captain Archer on it. The ship if far away at the time. Okay... ready for the madness? The Enterprise takes a subspace vortex to Earth, but when they get there no one responds to their hails. The Pilot and Chief Engineer take a shuttlepod into the atmosphere to find a place to land, and find themselves being attacked... by airplanes. Dogfighters. World War II-era vehicles. Cut to: a Nazi medical tent, presumably in Germany, where several scary Nazis (one obscured in shadow) look over Archer's badly-burned but still-living body, wondering whose uniform he was wearing. Finally, scary shadow Nazi steps forward, and the audience clearly sees his mottled blue face and red eyes.

Say it with me kids: the Hell? Wha-... when... who... wherefor the alien Nazi? Or for efficiency's sake, Nazlien? How did they go back in time? How was Archer saved from that tremendous explosion? In space? Two hundred years in the future? SWEET MERCIFUL SHOGGOTH, WHAT'S GOING ON! And I won't find out until at least September! AARGH! DAMN YOU BERMAN AND BRAGA! DAMN YOU!


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